3 Tips to Renting Shipping Containers

Usually, sea containers are huge, more than 12 meters, and are widely used for shipping different goods via ocean, land, or air. Purchasing a shipping container in quite expensive. If your business enterprise doesn’t export or import consignment regularly, then hiring is a better option compared to purchasing. But before making up your mind about hiring a sea container, check out these important things to take into account:-

1.  Know the right size of the container.

Sea containers for hire come in a vast range of sizes, from small, medium, to large. You should know the size of sea container your business will need. It makes a lot of sense to rent one large container that could accommodate all of your shipments, as opposed to renting a several smaller sea containers. An exception would be if you’ll move several consignments to various regions, then you’ll need to hire an adequately sized container for each destination. 

2. Determine hiring period.

Determine the span of time you will use the container. Remember that the cost of hiring is primarily based on the period of leasing. In general, short-term leasing is more costly when compared with long-term rental. In fact many shipping container rental companies provide higher price cuts for long-term rentals.

3. Calculate the cost of delivery.

Many container rental companies charge an extra expense for the delivery. Contrary to making a purchase, {you’ll need to pay for returning the container as well. It is wise to have an agreement on the delivery charge in advance, to avoid hidden charges when it is time to return the container back. In some cases, the delivery charge is already included in the total leasing price. Sometimes, container leasing companies might not charge for the delivery for long-term hire. Ask a shipping container rental company like ABC sea containers wa regarding delivery costs.-